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You Do What You Gotta Do

Then You Let That Pony Run

Laine MacEibhir
21 February 1967
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Laine MacEibhir
She’s not little, she’s not shy and she’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty. The tall brunette owns and operates a working cattle ranch in Montana. Hard work and horses constitute the bulk of her life. It’s what she knows; it’s what she loves. And then there’s the rock ‘n’ roll. She listens to it loud.
The Story Unfolds
Farm girl turned rancher, Laine can be a force of nature. She inherited Flint Creek Ranch five years ago, after her older brother, Wesley, was killed in a riding accident. Flint Creek was his dream realized and despite the urging of her parents, her friends and even her ex-husband—Laine won’t sell the valuable piece of property.

That doesn’t mean she hasn’t been offered a handsome price for the ranch. She has. More than once, but the stubborn woman won’t let go and won’t let down her brother. Her obstinate attitude and hard head are why she was the one named the new owner and she knows it. Wes worked hard for Flint Creek and now little sister works hard for him, determined to keep his legacy going.

After listening to the advice of her ex-husband, Jackson Anderson, and placing a call to a bona fide horse whisperer, Laine began to learn a few things about the people she would have once sworn she knew as well as she knows herself. There's more to a stubborn gelding's behavioral issues than Laine ever imagined. Deception is an ugly, nasty business. As she unraveled some of her brother's secrets and put the pieces of a grizzly puzzle together, she often found respite where she least expected it.

Life taking another turn for the unexpected has Laine finally coping with the loss of her brother, realizing her own dreams and discovering that sometimes childish faerytales can hold an element of truth.
Laine Anderson (now MacEibhir), Flint Creek Ranch and other characters named herein are solely the property of the writer or used fictitiously. Lauren Graham has no affiliation with this journal save for the use of her likeness. No harm intended. This is a FICTIONAL journal intended for role playing and prompt writing on livejournal only. THIS JOURNAL MAY CONTAIN ADULT CONTENT. If you are under the age of 18 or offended by such material, this is not a journal for you.
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